Run for Office 2024!

Below are the regional offices on the Primary Ballot in March 2024 (November info to follow; our local offices are on the ballot in November). Offices are organized by area. Information is taken from San Bernardino County Elections, the websites of the bodies in question, and from the Government Compensation in California site. We strive for accuracy but may be wrong. Please let us know of any errors, and tell us about any additional offices you’d like to see included. Candidates who have “pulled papers” info is here:

Information about the Primary Election, including the candidate guide, is now posted at the ROV website here:

County and local seats that are contested by only one candidate will not go to the ballot.

County Supervisor seats where one candidate receives 50% +1 vote (or more) in the Primary election will not go to the November ballot.

There are also 30 judges’ offices on the March ballot.

Federal Office:
U.S. Representative, District 23 (Jay Obernolte, Incumbent)
March ballot:  Derek Marshall (D), Jay Obernolte (R)

State Office: 
State Assembly District 34 (Tom Lackey (R), Incumbent)
March ballot: Tom Lackey (R), Ricardo Ortega (D)
State Assembly District 47 (Greg Wallis (R), Incumbent)
March ballot: Greg Wallis (R), Christy Holstege (D)
State Senate District 19
March ballot: Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R), Lisa Middleton (D)

County Office:
San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, District 3 (Dawn Rowe, Incumbent)
(Non-Partisan Position)
March ballot: Dawn Rowe (R), Melinda Ross (NPP), Chris Carrillo (D), Graham Smith (D), Jennifer Rendon (D)

San Bernardino County Democratic Party
The “Central Committee.”

Six Democrats will be elected to represent each Assembly District in San Bernardino County. Our Club members are eligible to be elected in whichever Assembly District they reside in (34 or 47). Responsibilities for these positions include attending the monthly General Meeting, as well as meetings for any committees (Candidate Development, Voter Registration, Legislation & Regulations, for example). In addition, the Central Committee endorses County- and Local-level candidates, and members are eligible to participate in the CADEM Pre-Endorsement Conference. Elected members may also have the opportunity to attend California Democratic Party conventions as delegates, to have an opportunity to have a voice on the State Party platform and who receives the State Party’s endorsement in elections.